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Un Plan Parfait scored by Klaus Badelt
1. Main Theme
2. Children
3. Treehouse
4. Operation Stimorol
5. Single Man
6. Big Seduction
7. Economy
8. Chase
9. Zebra Lodge
10. Dress Rehearsal
11. Market Strategies
12. Savanna
13. Massai
14. Her Ride Home
15. Wedding
16. Remembering
17. Together Again
18. He`s Back
19. Marriage License
20. Head to Moscow
21. I`m his Wife
22. Searching the Apartment
23. Hair Remover
24. Cabaret Overlay
25. She`s Lying Again
26. Ashamed
27. Tour Guide
28. Moscow Bridge Kiss
29. Jean from Quebec
30. I can`t Do It
31. Sunday Roast
32. Country Side Home
33. Will You Remarry Me

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10:54, 2012-11-01
posted by Fabrice


Nächste Projekte von Klaus Badelt
Next Projects of Klaus Badelt
Klaus Badelt finished recently the following projects:

- 30° couleur
- L`ordre et la morale
- The Oranges
- La guerre des boutons
- Tatort Ausland - Mörderische Reise

His next announced projects:

- Fly Me to the Moon
- Shanghai Calling
- Asterix & Obelix - Im Auftrag Ihrer Majestät

more to come soon, be patient


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16:09, 2012-04-16
posted by Fabrice


L`Ordre Et La Morale (Rebellion) composed by Klaus Badelt
1. Beginning Of The Day (1:23)
2. Flying (2:23)
3. Journey To Jungle (2:47)
4. Reached The Beach (1:13)
5. Attack (2:34)
6. Barbarie (2:28)
7. Captured (1:49)
8. Fan (1:00)
9. Busted (2:23)
10. Pre-Attack (3:36)
11. Big Attack (7:50)
12. Aftermath (5:02)


Klaus Badelt

Additional Music
Andrew Raiher

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10:08, 2012-02-08
posted by Fabrice


Klaus Badelt composed The War of the Buttons
This behind-the-score shows the London Metropolitan Orchestra and the Centre for Young Musicians, London choir with soloist Eleanor Grant scoring for the feature film «The War of the Buttons» (La Guerre des Boutons) at Abbey Road Studio 1, London. The score was written by Klaus Badelt with Christopher Carmichael.

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16:07, 2011-11-11
posted by Fabrice

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We are looking for some helping hands and news poster for our website!!

We are looking for people who want to search news and info stuff about Klaus Badelt or other
composers (like Mark Mancina, Trevor Rabin, Hans Zimmer etc.) If you have time, like scores and film soundtracks, have fun to search and browse in the world wide web for information about your favorite composer,
write down those information here on our site as an news-post, so you are our man for this job :-)

write us:

- Time & Fun to search
- Engagement &willingness to help
- good english or german (or other languages)
- a fan of film soundtracks and scores from
John Powell and other composers.

Wir suchen eure Mithilfe als Newsposter und
Website Unterstützung!

Falls ihr Film Scores/Soundtracks liebt und ihr Lust und Zeit habt im Internet nach News und Informationen
rund um Klaus Badelt oder andere Komponisten (z.B. Mark Mancina, Trevor Rabin, Hans Zimmer etc.) und dessen Projekte oder Filmographie/Discographie zu suchen und diese hier als News redaktionell hinzuzufügen, dann seid ihr die richtige Person für diese Seite :-)

Meldet euch unter

- Lust und Zeit
- Engagement & Bereitschaft zum mithelfen
- gutes Deutsch oder Englisch (o.a. Sprachen)
- begeisterter Zuhörer von Filmmusik
von John Powell & weiteren Komponisten.

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